Crazy Chameleon Slot Machine

Crazy Chameleon

Game Description – The Golden Goose series of slot games was an innovative way to take 4 older games from microgaming casinos and put a new spin on them. In the original Crazy Chameleon slot game you had a game that offered 5 reels, and 5 paylines. It also offered a wild symbol and a coin jackpot. In the Golden Goose version of the game, you have some extra unique symbols, and a different wild symbol but the game play and look of the game are basically the same but with a little something extra, called a goose!

Game Play – During regular game play, with out any warning, the Golden Goose screen will pop up with a bonus round game to play. There are 4 different bonus games that will be offered, one has you picking 5 eggs, each worth different coin prizes, another will have you picking cards which will offer free spins and then the goose will lay an egg which will reveal your multiplier! A third bonus round has the “goose” walk across the screen and lay an egg worth a coin prize and the last bonus round I will leave as a surprise for you to find out for yourself! This version of Crazy Chameleon is a 20 pay line slot game that has a coin range that varies from 1 cent to 20 cents per line bet. A maximum bet of $40 is the standard bet of 200 coins, but you will not be able to play the Golden Goose bonus rounds with a standard max bet. There is a tab to use as your spin button on the screen that says “250 coins bet Golden Goose”, this is the amount you have to bet in order to play the bonus rounds. At 1 cent per line bet, that is a $2.50 bet at maximum golden goose bet. It’s well worth playing at this maximum bet mode because the golden goose bonus rounds come up often and pay great prizes! The wild symbol in this slot game is the “lizard” icon and it will substitute for all other symbols in the game, and if you are lucky enough to hit 5 of these symbols you will win the coin jackpot prize which is worth 5000 coins!

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