Jungle 7’s Slot Machine

Jungle 7’s

Game Information – This is a 3 reel, 1 payline slot game that has a wild symbol that also acts as a multiplier, making your winnings multiplied by either 5 for one wild symbol or 25 for two wild symbols! This is a fantastic game with huge winning potentials, and its highly recommended that you try and play this game at max potential so you can cash in on the huge coin prizes that can be won! The coin range is Jungle 7’s varies from 25 cents to $5 per line bet with a max bet of $15 available to bet with a 3 coin max bet.

Game Description – The symbols in this slot game are your basic bars, cherries and assorted 7 symbols, and they are all worth their own coin prizes which can be viewed right on the face of the slot game. The wild symbol is the “Gold Jungle Coin” and this baby can make your winning combinations pay some huge prizes! These symbols are also worth their own coin prizes with the top prize being the coin jackpot which is worth 15,000 coins! The amount of your winnings depends on the coin value in which you are wagering. If you are wagering max coin bet you will win the coin jackpot for this symbol, if you are wagering 2 coins and hit three wild gold coins you will win 5000 coins, and if your wagering 1 coin, you will win 2000 coins, so you can see, all of these combinations are good payoffs when hitting them!

Game Play – I have played Jungle 7’s a few times since it first came out, and while I love the game and the potential of huge coin prizes, I have never hit a wild gold coin in my winning combinations, which really disappoints me. Some one is obviously hitting some good combinations with this awesome slot game, I just have not been lucky enough to be one.

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